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New Intelligent Travel Charger for All Smart Phones!kjgekjgkegg

EUC800 New Intelligent travel charger for all smart phones
-- smartphone USB charger

Even though the functions of high-end smart phone is very strong and they are unprecedented broadly used,this new product is universal for all recent brands of high-end smart phones.However,the big phone screen has its own disadvantages: high power consumption; the ordinary charger can not be using smoothly while the phones are on charge (players play a variety of new games or watch movies, videos, or browse the Web);phones will easily begin to alarm at low battery power etc.Anyway,the brand phone chargers has some incompatibilities with other brand phones and they will have brand rejections in their own chargers. Product web link: .

Recent common market charger quality has very big difference: 1.The small problems are that the smart phone while charging can not use the card screen, splash screen, black and white screen, crash, or can not help the smartphone battery fullly charging and saturation to display the virtual power;2. The severe problems are that it will lead smart phones to directly burn the board, the master or blow up and cause damage to the machine or personal safety.Although global standard provides the selection of a unified mobile phone output port: Mike 5P port (other some phones: such as the Apple-specific port, T port 5P mouth.) .People believe the smart phone family, the big machine family has experienced this.

After six months'design, development and test, our company has released this Smart Travel Charger: Built-in USB Female, easy to use, stable performance, built-in imported management chip, constant current and voltage output, can be quickly filled with power and normally using while charging.

This is our patent to design the first technic of less than 0.1 ripple. Constant current 750MA and peak 1000MA. It can be connected with all kinds of the data USB wire and charging USB wire, and can charge all the various brands of smart phone as below:
Such as Apple: iphone3 iphone4 iphone4s;
Samsung: I9100, I9220, S5830, I9300, I9250, S5830I, E120L, I9003, W999, etc.
Motorola: E525, XT910, XT615, ME860, XT535, XT883, ME722, XT928, XT390, etc.
HTC: G23, T328W, G11, G14, G18, G17, ONE V, G17, etc.;
Huawei: C8812, U8860, U9200, The G300, C8650, S8600 and P1, S and so on;
Millet: M1, M2, young people's version of phone, the MI-ONE C1, the MI-ONE PLUS, the MI, etc.;
LG: LU6200, P970, P990, P920, P940, D1L, P993, P503, etc.;
Nokia: of N9, 800, N8, 710, C5-03, 800C, etc.;
Meizu: MX, M9, M8, M8 SE, etc.;
ZTE: U880, V889D, U880E, N880E, V880, U960S, U970, etc.;

For other mobile phone charger, other kinds of chargers and OEM orders, welcome to contact us freely.

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