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Businesses Need 5G Networks for Revolutionary Increases in Speed and Capacitykjgekjgkegg

Businesses Need 5G Networks for Revolutionary Increases in Speed and Capacity, Says New Report 

NEW YORK (June 14, 2016)—According to a new report by Forbes Insights, in association with Huawei, “The Mobile Industrial Revolution: Anticipating the Impact and Opportunities of 5G Networks on Business,” global business leaders say that mobile and wireless are critical to the way they do business, but they worry that their needs are outpacing existing access networks.

In order to evolve and succeed in the future, these executives say their companies will require revolutionary increases in the speed, capacity and connectivity of mobile devices—and they’re looking to 5G networks to provide it. The introduction of 5G networks in the next five to 10 years is expected to create huge opportunities to build enterprise value in a range of industries, profoundly affecting business operations, P&l economics, asset valuations and revenue models.

A Forbes Insights global survey of more than 1,000 executives found a capability gap: more than one-third of all executives say that their current systems already can’t support the evolving needs of their business, including more than half (55%) of executives at organizations with revenues in excess of $10 billion. The problem is most pressing in the Asia/Pacific region, where 38% of all executives agree they’ve out- grown their networks, followed closely by Europe (36%) and North America (34%).

“Organizations with an eye on the future are already anticipating the impact of 5G technology,” said Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer at Forbes Media. “They are working on long-term plans to innovate and realize value from this.”

“5G will help to realize a completely new world for consumers, for vertical industries and for operators,” said Mr. Qiuheng, President of Wireless Network Marketing Operation at Huawei. “This will be a fully connected world converging the physical world and the cyber world, and this world will provide infinite new business opportunities for vertical industries and for operators.”

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