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ECG-M161: Caller ID Telephone

Newest Multi-function Telephone with Caller ID.


Caller ID telephone with Multi-function keys.

1. FSK/DTMF system switchable.
2.16 digits big LCD screen. 50 groups incoming call recordes and 15 groups outgoing call records check.
3. Real date and time display.
4. 16 ringtones selectable & ringer volume adjustment: ringer 4 steps and hands-free.
5. Flash time 100/300/600/900ms/1000ms selectable.
6. 3 groups alarming clock with different ringtone.
7. Superstrong lightning protection and anti-electromagnetic interference.
8. 10 groups of double bond memory, 12 groups fast speed dialing keys.
9. Hands free, redial, flash, hold/ring, cal etc..

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