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ECG-M171 : Newest Caller ID Telephone with Memory Keys

Caller ID telephones with speed one touch memory keys, backlight, hands-free and work without batteries is optional.

1. FSK/DTMF dual system selectable.
2. 16 or 12 digits LCD screen. 50 groups incoming call recordes and 15 groups outgoing call records check.
3. Real date and time display.
4. 16 ringtones selectable & ringer volume adjustment: ringer 4 steps and hands-free.
5. Flash time 110/300/600/900ms/1000ms selectable.
6. 3 groups alarming clock with different ringtone.
7. Functions keys: hands-free,redial, hold, pause, mute, set, fast keys etc..
8. Superstrong lightning protection and anti-electromagnetic interference.

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