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5 Hot Mobile Phone Business Start Up Opportunitieskjgekjgkegg

Starting a mobile phone or cell phone business can be a profitable business opportunity in a growing market. At the Consumer Electronics Show, Dr. Eli Harary stated “the mobile phone market is the mother of all growth markets.”

Cell Phone Business Market - No Longer Luxury

How big is the cell phone wireless market?

The boom in mobile phone usage expands around the globe covering all income spectrums. A cell phone is no longer an expensive business luxury or status symbol but a vital necessity for many.

Companies from all industries and markets are vying for a share of a large and ever growing mobile pie including RIM, Apple, Microsoft and Google. With a flood of large competitors, is there room to start a mobile phone business?

Big business means big investments in technology and infrastructure to further build out the business. For the small player, the opportunity to start a cell phone business exists on the fringes or niche markets.

Mobile Phone Business Driven by Smartphones

Fueling the growth of the cell phone market is the evolution from standard cell phones to smartphones capable of more than a simple phone call.

Smartphones allow users to browser the Web, get GPS directions, listen to music, share photos and other forms of social networking, use email and run applications such as games and more.

Opening a retail cell phone store is one route to get into business. However, retail can be an expensive, competitive, low margin game. Alternative business opportunities exist for the mobile business.

5 Hot Mobile Phone Business Opportunities

The hottest opportunities to start a mobile phone business include:

Mobile Marketing: With billions of mobile phones around the world with greater penetration than the PC, the potential for advertising and market is huge. Although the current spend on mobile ads is a drop in the bucket of the $500 billion dollar ad market, the upside looks good.

Mobile Phone Apps: 3rd party applications ranging from business productivity to game downloads offer a viable business opportunity. Simple apps like Ocarina allowing iPhone users a way to turn their phone into a wind instrument is a top 99 cent download.

Apple, RIM and other companies provide a third party application developers fund to fuel investment in the app development market.

Mobile Web Design: It would seem most web sites are mobile ready but mobile readiness is far from business web development radar. The challenge of fitting web pages on tiny screens for multiple devices with easy navigation is a market need for a long time coming.

Location Based Services: Cameras in the phone were a killer application but now having GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) on the mobile phones provides a host of new business opportunities.

The combination of social networking and GPS provides exciting opportunities in allowing users to update friends on one’s location and tag favorite place.

Accessorize: From fashion conscious teens to savvy soccer moms, the need to customize, personalize and bling out your cell phone is a strong market. Smartphones Experts, a network of mobile phone e-commerce stores, grew from under $500,000 in revenue to over $16 million in 3 short years.

Starting a mobile phone business is a continued market opportunity and with more consumers looking to upgrade from a cell phone to a smartphone, the future looks bright for this business.

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